Can Indian service provider address the cloud need?

Buzz around Cloud computing started more than 3 years back and it will continue make more noise in the years to come. IT Industry has been talking about adoption of cloud and how it would benefit Start-up’s/ISV’s/Enterprises. CII and many such organisations have conducted numerous cloud computing conferences to promote cloud computing in a big way for the Indian market. With a huge potential in hand for Indian service providers, BIG question is “Has it really made a difference for Service providers in India to gear up? Can they compete with other global cloud service providers and tap the Indian market before its too late?”. Can they deliver what other cloud service provider like Amazon/HP Cloud/Rackspace are doing?  OR are they still playing “wait and watch” game when the ground below them is slowly moving.

With Start-up culture picking up the momentum and e-commerce business booming in India, it projects a strong use case for service providers in India to build a cloud ecosystem which is competitive. The demand from Start-ups/ISV’s/Enterprise is on-demand resources with various flavours, stability, scalable infrastructure,  pay-per use billing, cost effective, low latency and ease of management.  With known demand and expectation from customers why are the service providers in India not ready.

Coming from a Cloud System Integration background, we are often asked by customers to suggest a service provider in India who can be a right fit for their cloud roadmap. We struggled and are continuing to struggle to suggest the right fit.  This either results in migrating the infrastructure to global cloud service providers or pushes the key agenda of cloud adoption in an enterprise. We are stuck with a situation where Indian service provider thinks that Indian market is not ready to adopt cloud and Indian market shows a different sign.

With issues  around data privacy, regulatory requirements and localisation taking the world by storm,  Indian service provider should see this as a wake up call to stay on the top.

Note: This is blog is solely my personal views (Venky)


2 thoughts on “Can Indian service provider address the cloud need?

  1. It takes a lot to acquire the expertise to compete with the likes of AWS, Heroku, Joyent. Firstly the skills to build and operate such a service are difficult to recruit in India, Next would be the investment in terms of finance required to setup the ecosystem required. If a body of Indian corporates are ready to form a group and work with the govt. to drive the desi-cloud idea, then maybe traction can build over time. Just my 2Rs. …

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